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I just want

To see your pretty face
To hold your soft hands
To hear your cute laugh
To kiss your sweet lips
To tell you I love you

That’s good enough for me

Why do i love her so much?

To the point I will get a tattoo for her.
And her to get a tattoo for me.

Why does she love me so much?

It baffles me so to think she’s the one, when I have thought that she was the one for such a long time.

And it confuses me why she puts me through the pain of heartache, but yet she still sticks around.

I wonder every night.

Why is she still here when she was the one who wanted to call quits?

I kept my promise of fighting to make things work until I die from it, but she seems to pass it off like nothing.

Maybe there are things I should not know, for my own benefit.